Become a Moderator!

Maintaining the internet's best collection of camping photos, reviews, and information from around the world is no easy task! That's why we need help from people just like you. We are looking for moderators that can help us manage and maintain information, photos, and reviews. Please note that this is a not a paid position. However, you can spend as much, or as little, time on it as you like.

Think you have what it takes to do some research and keep up-to-date? Awesome! Send us an email at Be sure to include your name and a little bit about yourself. Tell us what makes you a great fit as a moderator. Do you like camping and searching around the internet for campground related information?

If you are selected as a moderator, we will offer lots of help and guidance to get you started. Much of the job involves searching the internet to make sure that we have up-to-date campground and State / National Park information. We also need help approving submitted photos and reviews. If you love camping, this is a really fun opportunity. Be sure to apply today!

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